Local journalist signs on as event moderator

SAN ANTONIO — An independent news reporter with deep roots in San Antonio will serve as moderator of Monday evening’s panel discussion about Northside Independent School District’s controversial student RFID (radio frequency identification) tracking program.

Joseph Fenity, currently a Texas-based national correspondent for Sirius XM Radio, says he’s both honored and excited to be hosting such an important community event.

“Up until now, I don’t think a platform has been provided for parents and students to get their questions answered about these new ID badges. This Monday night is going to be a time when a lot of questions may finally be answered. I’m really proud to have been asked to moderate this important community debate,” Fenity says.

Fenity, who spent the last decade in radio and TV news, was working at a San Antonio TV station when Northside first launched the program. He says there was confusion and concern.

“When Northside launched their Student Locator Project, our newsroom received more calls and emails than I could even count. There were so many questions, opinions and conflicting answers about this whole RFID tracking technology program. My hope is that come Monday night the community gets those answers they’ve been looking for.”

While some in the community are slamming the radio frequency ID badges as invasive, others, including Northside ISD, are adamant the smart technology is simply keeping thousands of their students safe.

Despite the issue becoming a hot button topic, Fenity says he’s confident everyone can agree on one thing.

“Whether you call it invasive or necessary, I think everyone can agree it’s definitely divisive and certainly interesting.”

Joseph Fenity

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More information about the event: Texans for Accountable Government

More information about the moderator:  Joseph Fenity REPORTS

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  1. Ann Ty Finnerty says:

    Publicity whore. I’m willing to bet Fenity wasn’t ‘chosen’, he probably organized the whole thing and used both sides against one another to strong arm their participation. ‘Journalist’ my ass.

    • CRE says:

      What’s your deal? Nobody’s ever told you “If u don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?
      Im looking forward to learning more about both sides of this topic through the debate. Hope there are people with an opened mind, and not just opinionated name callers there.

    • John says:

      If This is the case, it seems this is the definition of a “journalist “

    • Brooke says:

      Joseph Fenity isn’t just a journalist, he’s a GOOD JOURNALIST.

      I know… I was his one of his News Directors. Congratulations, Joseph. Go get ‘em.

  2. Do Not Chip Me says:

    I like Joseph Fenity. I watched him on News 8 and I’ve met him a few times and he’s very nice and seems really smart. I think Joseph was probably a good choice to moderate this debate.

  3. Bill Morgan says:

    Joe has worked long and hard at his craft. Someday he will get that break and go national. He was an excellent choice to moderate this forum!

  4. Molly says:

    I’ve heard of this guy – he’s pretty good! Will be interested to see how this turns out.

  5. Sharon Wolbrecht says:

    I have kept up with Joseph. He will definitely add spark to to tonight’s discussion.

  6. John Riccardi says:

    I think the chips aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. Most of us already have some kind of RFID device on us, and we certainly have mobile phones – isn’t it reasonable for schools to know as much about their students as our phone companies know about us? Who’s harmed by having these chips?

  7. Audrey Russo says:

    Excellent!! Joseph is the perfect moderator! I look forward to learning the result of the panel discussion…

  8. Barb Adams says:

    Joseph will do a great job as moderator! He’ll be fair and open and will allow both sides to have their say. It’s time we quit being so polarized and start listening to both sides of the issues and work together for solutions. Joseph is a great choice!

  9. How society has deteriorated since I was a kid! We took pocketknives to school and never thought about using it offensively or defensively. There were fist fights and you stayed out of it. Once one guy refused to stand up the fight was over. We kept clear of the bullies. There was very little chronic harassment. If a guy had enough he hit the bully with a chair when he wasn’t looking and after the vice principal investigated the matter he said to the bully he got what he deserved so leave the guy alone or you’ll get 3 days suspension. There were no police on campus and there were no drugs. No one even knew about marijuana. We took an aspirin or two when we thought we needed it. Loaned one to friends when they needed it. Peanut allergies were unheard of. Soft drinks were a luxury and hardly anyone bought them except on special occasions. We played outside after school and got home at dark. Parents had no idea where we were but knew we were in the neighborhood somewhere. We rode bicycles everywhere. Very few fatties then. No worries about someone molesting your kids but maybe we should’ve worried especially about the priests. Our parents gave us freedom which as I look back was the most important next to a home that was a sanctuary where we were cared for and given love and whatever else we needed, not necessarily what we wanted. We learned that if we wanted something we got it after we worked for it. When it came to schools the principal handled the teachers, the vice principle handled student discipline, the rest was handled by 2 counselors, the office secretary and the janitors. We were mischevious to be sure but we never got caught cussing in front of women, coeds and adults. Yes sir and no ma’am were used when addressing all staff members and parents, both ours and others.
    What has gone wrong? Lawyers and courts giving people rights that they are not mature enough yet to exercise. They think that if there’s no specific ban of an activity then it’s ok to do it. The mystery about what adults can do for punishment has been destroyed. That’s why kids misbehave in part. The biggest reason is that our Creator has been banned from schools. There is no higher moral authority than the fault-filled humans who make the rules. Why should kids behave them after they see how they act?
    That’s what I think. Ray

  10. Cory says:

    Do not chip!

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