Victory: San Antonio Public School Officials End RFID Tracking Program

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — After a drawn-out battle waged in court and within the community, school officials with the Northside Independent School District have announced their decision to stop using a student tracking program that relied on RFID tracking badges containing tiny chips that produce a radio signal, enabling school officials to track students’ location on school property. According to school officials, the decision to cease the “Student Locator Project” was due in part to low participation rates, negative publicity, and a lawsuit by The Rutherford Institute. Rutherford Institute attorneys had filed suit against school officials in November 2012 on behalf of Andrea Hernandez, a sophomore at John Jay High School’s Science and Engineering Academy, who was expelled from the magnet school in January 2013 after objecting to the badges based on religious freedom and privacy concerns. The question of whether Hernandez will be permitted to return to John Jay has yet to be resolved.

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  1. libertarian jerry says:

    The right to privacy ended in America almost 100 years ago with the implementation of the Income Tax and with the imposition of the Social Security numbering system about 25 years after the Income Tax was implemented.. In today’s day and age it is almost impossible to work,buy,sell,trade or doing anything in the economic world without a Social Security number,W2,W4,1099,1040 forms and so forth. The right to economic privacy is dead in America. And with those loss of rights goes the loss of property rights. For without property rights there are no rights. Sometime in the near future an event will occur (probably a false flag) in which,because of the chaos involved and a lack of essential supplies such as food, the American people will be forced to have RFID micro chips surgically implanted into their bodies (probably into their wrists) in order to obtain food and the other basics for survival. Thus,at that time,most Americans will be nothing but feudal tax serfs electronically tagged,enslaved and indebted to the power elites and globalist megalomaniacs who want to rule the world. This scenario is not “conspiracy threat” ravings but actual fact. Its happening now. All one has to do is look at the information that is staring us in the face. We are headed for Orwell’s 1984,but only worse.

    • authoritarian matt says:

      Out of curiosity, Mr.Jerry, is there any chaotic event that might occur that could ever escape being filed under the False Flag label? Because frankly, with the way things are now, sinister conspiracies seem to be the only option possible. The term has become effectively meaningless since every single time a mass event happens, it is inevitably characterized as such.

      Do you see where I’m coming from? Hasn’t a real, genuine, attack not stemming from shadow government types become all but impossible for the internet hive mind to accept? Respond, please

      • libertarian everyone says:

        Your injection of a false premise disqualifies from serious consideration what might otherwise be considered a reasonable question. The internet is not a “hive mind”; neither does it hold within its unmeasurable sphere any component part or parts resembling a hive mind. The internet is a cosmos. It is the “noosphere” come to life (google it). It is its own ordered, infinitely mutable system, within which can be found the gradual transcendence of truth, knowledge, awareness and certainty over falsehood, ignorance, baseless fantasy, and eternal doubt.

        But to address your point, I would answer, yes: it is, given the feckless and duplicitous behavior of virtually all post-9/11 mainstream media outlets, if not impossible at least extraordinarily DIFFICULT to regard any recent or possible future ‘mass event’ as an unquestionably “real, genuine attack.” Because real, genuine “conspirators” reap what they sow: they reap real, genuine conspiracy THEORISTS. If those whose job it once was to BE such theorists, i.e., JOURNALISTS, are no longer going to do their job, then someone else will.

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