Texas Students Revolt Over Mandatory RFID Tracking ID’s

Informative Video:

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  1. Dave says:

    God bless you for fighting this. It is the beginning of the mark. Stay strong and trust in God.

  2. Jules says:

    From a comment on WND: ” . . . propose that the kids do an extracurricular science experiment at home to see how many seconds in the microwave it takes to burn out the chip. You don’t want to leave it in any longer than that, as the klystron can burn out when using metallic targets. They wouldn’t want to burn out their favorite cooking utensil.

    Maybe one will win a science fair contest.”

    • Phil C. says:

      Another neat science experiment would be to see how many g’s of acceleration the chip can endure when it is dropped on a hard surface, or how much pressure it can withstand when placed in an hydraulic press. How about testing the chip for what temperature it can withstand and for how long in an oven before it fails. Oh, so many exciting, educational possibilities!

  3. Please stand strong against these devices! These RFID Microchips could next be put under your skin. If you need to know more about these hideous microchips which are being put into people/victims there are two very educational websites letting you know the facts about them! Be concerned, be smart and alert. The microchips can do way more then just track you!

    Here are the websites:
    http://www.icaact.org and http://www.mindcontrol.se

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