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Our goal is to raise $5000 to maintain an information clearinghouse for people and organizations interested in bringing this RFID tracking program to a halt. The website will allow us to educate the pubic about the Student Locator Pilot Program by posting all relevant information (POSITION PAPER, videos of testimony, coalition partners, calls to action, etc.) and raise money for campaign literature (push cards, door hangers, mailers to students, yard signs, etc.).  We are also planning to host a public forum in San Antonio to provide parents and students with objective facts and information about the inherent dangers of tracking and monitoring students using RFID technology.

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  1. Travis says:

    We must be vigilant now. Apathy toward this will only lead to the marl of the beast coming sooner than later. As christians we are called to occupy until He comes. Instead we have been sleeping on our watch. We must arise and let our light shine in the darkness and expose the darkness. We must have nothing to do with the works of darkness rather expose them. Be strong and courageous.

  2. alfonso says:

    im getting vey concerned about this chipping here in mexico, it seems we are bombarded with alot o giving information to our goverment, and i am not very happy about it, every where i turn i have to give my information, we have here a voters id card, and everywhere i go in mexico i have to show it, now the bank have cards that have a chip, i can see the actual chip on the card, ive heard you on coast to coast,
    keep up thee good work, and praying for your recovery.

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